Day 4: Summer in Seattle


Saturday, June 13, 2015
Seattle, WA

We spent our last day in Seattle exploring all the tourist must-sees. First on the list was Pike Place. We grabbed a quick brunch at Sisters European Café, where I enjoyed the Eggcellent sandwich complete with scrambled egg, Italian prosuitto ham, and provolone cheese on Focaccia bread. Then, we stopped by the infamous first Starbucks, treated ourselves to some tasty organic apple slushies, and took in the view by the Seattle Great Wheel.







After exploring Pike Place, I looked up a nearby café using TripAdvisor, which led me to Storyville Coffee. I opted for a nice latte, while Shannon and Diana chose to go with coldbrews. The laid-back atmosphere and warm aesthetics made it an ideal place for studying or just lounging with friends.






Last but not least, was our trip to Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Space Needle. I don’t know much about the technicalities of glass blowing, but I have to give serious props to artist Dale Chihuly for the amazing exhibition. I loved the role that light played in all of the installations. Not only did it illuminate the glass artwork, but revealed hidden colors that weren’t noticeable upon first look.






When light was shone on this particular glass artwork, hidden colors were revealed. If you look closely, where the phone’s flashlight is shining, the initially red glass shows up green.





The view from the Space Needle was surreal. Not gonna lie, I did get a little dizzy being that high up, but the bird’s eye view of the city was spectacular. The sparkling water, the light breeze, sunny skies and a breathtaking view made the wait for the Needle worth it.

Even though I was in Seattle for 4 days, it didn’t feel long enough to have experienced all that the city had to offer. During the day, Seattle’s incredibly natural, evergreen beauty won my heart. At night, the city’s thriving nightlife was anything but boring. If there was one reoccurring thought, it was that Seattle would be the perfect place to visit with a significant other. (The gorgeous sunsets over the impressive skyline, the inescapable glistening waterfronts and the majestic nature scene *sigh*) My Seattle trip proved memorable and hopefully, it won’t be too long before I return with someone special to share it with. 😉


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