Day 1: Summer in Seattle


Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Seattle, WA

My friend Diana and I finally made our way to Seattle on Wednesday evening to visit our friend Shannon, who’s currently in grad school at University of Washington. When we arrived at the Seattle-Tacoma airport, our first impression was shaped by the eerily quiet atmosphere especially compared to the incessant chatter and bustling about that characterized LAX. After reuniting with Shannon we headed towards Alki Beach for dinner. We ended up dining outside at Pegasus Pizza, enjoying the Alki Special Pizza, Rosemary Chicken Ravioli, and Greek Salad while basking in the perfect 75° weather.






After a thoroughly satisfying dinner, we behaved like the tourists we were and took some scenic photos of the Seattle skyline. From the trees that bordered the highway to the breathtaking sunset illuminating the skyscrapers — Seattle was undeniably gorgeous. It was only my first night, but I knew it wouldn’t take much more to fall in love with this city.


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