Surf’s Up



My Saturday morning hike resurrected what sad exercise stamina remained after I had gotten sick. After a week virtually spent in bed with Netflix, I was back on my feet.

With the help of Yelp, Sharon and I decided on the Palos Verdes Estates Shoreline Preserve for our impromptu hike. Our hike turned out to be more of a leisurely stroll down the mountain and onto the beach, but no complaints. We took a short break on the shore, giving us time to admire the waves (and the surfers). When we got back to the car, we realized Sharon had locked her keys inside and ended up waiting for AAA.

Luckily, they got there just as it began to sprinkle. And before we knew it, we were heading down to Torrance for some Thai.


We made it just in time for the Yum Thai lunch special. After an exceptional Pad Kee Mao when I didn’t think we could possibly eat anymore, we walked down the plaza for some Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt. Although the afternoon got a little rocky in the middle, it ended just right with Handel’s glorious Banana Cream Pie ice cream.


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