Celebratory Sunday with Cindy


We decided to celebrate Cindy having ended a week of midterms by going out to eat. Our first stop was School Food in Koreatown. We ordered a teriyaki beef roll and spicy cheese topokki (spicy Korean rice cake with mozzarella cheese). Though delicious, the topokki was much spicier than anticipated and we ended up drinking about a gallon of water each.


Our next stop was dessert at Blockheads Shavery. I ordered green tea and taro shaved ice topped with strawberries and condensed milk. Cindy ordered original and black sesame shaved ice topped with mochi (Japanese sweet rice cake). Our verdict: the black sesame shaved ice had a strange coarseness to it and had an unsweet sort of blandness. No bueno. Otherwise, the flavors were fresh, sweet and satisfying.

We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon until evening just eating and talking in her car. I couldn’t ask for more than a Sunday spent relaxing and appreciating the little things in life.


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