Rockin’ Out at the Roxy


Friday, January 24, 2015
The Roxy Theatre

My Friday night began with a text from my friend Sharon, asking whether I’d be down to go to a random concert. Within a couple hours, she and I were making our way to Hollywood.

The theatre was cozy with a 500 max. capacity, bar and stage. After grabbing a couple beers, we made our way to the growing crowd on the dance floor. The show opened at 9 PM with Fmlybnd’s electronic, danceable tunes and killer energy. Before the crowd got too restless, the Night Terrors of 1927 finally made their way onto the stage. Playing their top hits such as “Dust and Bones” and “When You Were Mine,” the Night Terrors had everyone rocking out to swaying to the mellow beat.

On top of the performance, every so often the band would throw red roses out into the crowd. If the screaming girls weren’t enough, at one point, a very drunk girl made her way onstage during their performance and proceeded to hug band members, including lead singer Jarrod. Eventually, security got their act together and shooed the drunk girl offstage. Luckily the show went on without missing a beat.

The band’s energy and Jarrod’s amazing hair won my heart by the end of the night. When the show ended around midnight, we nearly decided on a detour to Koreatown. But, better sense won us over and our not-so-young bodies decided it was time to call it a night. So, until the next time!

b8HQiB ZevIsX SxIjkB

Just look at that hair. *swoon*


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