Gal Pal and the Getty


Unfortunately on the day Sharon and I decided to visit the Getty Museum, the weather just wasn’t on our side. The forecast said that it would either be sprinkling or pouring the whole day. But, contrary to what our lazy 2014 selves would have done, our 2015 selves weren’t having no for an answer. Amidst the threat of a thunderstorm, we made our way to LA with our New Years high still around.


One of the reasons why I love visiting museums is it renews my sense of wonder and amazement at the how scrupulously artists work on their pieces. For example, I was completely blown away by Jan van Huysum’s Fruit Piece. If there was anything I took away from that introductory to painting course in college, it’s that oil painting takes decades. Ok, maybe not decades, but it took me ages to complete one painting. Painting anything took forever just because in order to achieve the optimal color, I had to wait for one layer to dry before I could paint with another color otherwise I’d unintentionally mix those colors. My oil painting class turned into an unwarranted patience exercise. Just imagining how long it must have taken for artists like Jan van Huysum to produce such a level of precision and realism is truly mind-blowing to me. It’s something that is so obviously a profound achievement that even an amateur artist like me can recognize and appreciate.


I mean, look at those grapes! And that kale, if it is kale, looks like it came straight out of my Trader Joe’s bag.


Now I love the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, but I have to say that seeing Bernadino Fungai’s Madonna and Child gave me what can only be described as the equivalent to PTSD in college–bringing back those long nights studying for Medieval & Renaissance Art History freshmen year. (What were you thinking, Grace?)


That is an altarpiece. Thank you, Art History.


Some exceptional mood lighting action courtesy of Sharon Kim.

IMG_2184 IMG_2188

As for the rest of the art tour, I was a little bummed when I learned that the Getty Garden was closed that day on account of the weather. So, unfortunately, these rather faraway photos will have to do. But, all in all, the best friend and I enjoyed each other’s company and had a blast appreciating the various artworks the Getty had to offer. And if there was any question about it, the answer is always yes.

Yes, we are cultured.

IMG_2177 IMG_2176


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