Snapchat Meets Seattle

I thought I’d¬†try something a little different.

There are always so many things left uncaptured about a place visited; whether it’s the calming ambience of a forested area¬†or the bustling streets in a marketplace. Hopefully, this video sheds better¬†light on what my experience was like in¬†Seattle.ūüôā

Summer in Seattle: Day 4


Saturday, June 13, 2015
Seattle, WA

We spent our last day in Seattle exploring all the tourist must-sees. First on the list was Pike Place. We grabbed a quick brunch at Sisters European Café, where I enjoyed the Eggcellent sandwich complete with scrambled egg, Italian prosuitto ham, and provolone cheese on Focaccia bread. Then, we stopped by the infamous first Starbucks, treated ourselves to some tasty organic apple slushies, and took in the view by the Seattle Great Wheel.







After exploring Pike Place, I looked up a nearby café using TripAdvisor, which led me to Storyville Coffee. I opted for a nice latte, while Shannon and Diana chose to go with coldbrews. The laid-back atmosphere and warm aesthetics made it an ideal place for studying or just lounging with friends.






Last but not least, was our trip to Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Space Needle. I don’t know much about the technicalities of glass blowing, but I have to give serious props to artist Dale Chihuly for the amazing exhibition. I loved the role that light played in all of the installations. Not only did it¬†illuminate the glass artwork, but revealed hidden colors that weren’t noticeable upon first look.






When light was shone on this particular¬†glass artwork, hidden colors were revealed. If you look closely, where the phone’s flashlight is shining, the initially red glass shows up¬†green.





The view from the Space Needle was surreal. Not¬†gonna lie, I¬†did get¬†a little dizzy being that high¬†up, but the¬†bird’s eye view of the city was spectacular. The sparkling water, the light breeze, sunny skies and a breathtaking view made the wait for the Needle worth it.

Even though I was in Seattle for 4 days, it didn’t feel long enough to have experienced all that the city had to offer. During the day,¬†Seattle’s incredibly natural, evergreen¬†beauty¬†won my heart. At night, the city’s thriving nightlife was anything but boring. If there was one reoccurring thought, it was that Seattle would be the perfect place to visit with a significant other. (The gorgeous sunsets over the impressive skyline, the inescapable glistening waterfronts and the majestic nature scene¬†*sigh*)¬†My Seattle trip proved memorable and hopefully, it won’t be too long before I return with someone special to share it with.ūüėČ

Summer in Seattle: Day 3


Sunday, June 12, 2015
Seattle, WA

Our Sunday morning began with a hike to Rattlesnake Ledge. I was pretty anxious about intensive trail-trekking because ‚ÄĒ let’s just say I’m not exactly proud of the¬†shape I’m in. But, the hike turned out to be easy enough for a couch potato like me. Also, the stunning natural beauty made every step worth it. If you couldn’t tell by¬†my last hiking post, I absolutely love all things nature (contrary to my fitness).






When we finally reached the end of the hike, we were blown away by the breathtaking view. I was in absolute awe of¬†how¬†picturesque and utterly vibrant the mountains and lake appeared. The journey back to the car was a quick one, mostly downhill.¬†We then drove down to Nibbana Thai Restaraunt in Bellevue, where I lunched on a rewarding dish of¬†Pad Kee Mao. Then, it was back to Shannon’s¬†where we washed up before hitting the Seattle night scene.




Frolik, a rooftop bar atop the Motif Hotel, was just one of the many bars we hit that night. After lounging around for awhile, we decided to Uber¬†it to Capitol Hill. Coincidentally,¬†our Uber¬†driver just happened to be the most attractive guy¬†ever. Surprise surprise, when we found out he was also¬†the lead¬†singer in a band called Daniel Kirkpatrick and the Bayonets. If you want to check them out, here’s the page to¬†McSteamy’s — I mean — Daniel’s band.

Anyways, after hopping around a few bars, we ended up making some new friends at Unicorn. The circus-themed bar was fun, quirky and definitely different from any other bar I’d been to. From the creepy circus animal heads mounted on the walls¬†to the interestingly¬†named cocktails (i.e. Unicorn Jizz), the bar is everything you’re looking for in a unique night out.¬†For all you 21+, Unicorn is the place to¬†check out if you ever get around to visiting Capitol Hill. Finally, after trying out a¬†much anticipated “Seattle dog” we decided to call it a night and Uber’d it home.

Summer in Seattle: Day 2


Thursday, June 11, 2015
Seattle, WA

Around noon, we headed to Sam’s Eastlake Bar & Grill for a brunch with a lakeside view. I ordered the Eastlake Chop Chop Salad, which consisted of chicken, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, red onions, tomato, cucumbers and herbs tossed in buttermilk herb dressing.



Afterwards, we stopped by the infamous Molly Moon’s Ice Cream for a unique flavor experience. I chose to go with Stumptown Coffee and Earl Grey, which was a tasty treat. Grabbing our ice creams to go, we headed to Gas Works Park for another¬†sight-seeing adventure.






Our next stop was the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, where I was finally able to get my caffeine fix. Upon entering the roastery, we were given complimentary cold brews — a pleasantly different experience from the¬†typical Starbucks¬†I had gotten to know. After obnoxiously asking three different baristas to take our picture, we headed back to University Village for some shopping. (shoutout to those baristas for being good sports!)




Because Shannon wasn’t able to get four hours of work off, Diana and I opted to be dropped off in University Village for some shopping. Being the clutz that I am, I ended up locking my phone in the car. But, we still managed to pass¬†the time eye-shopping and¬†then later¬†chatting by the fountain. Before we knew it, Shannon ended work and it was time to meet for dinner. Shannon, Diana, and I met up with another friend from our hometown, Sarah, who was now in Seattle¬†for nursing school. The four of us¬†satisfied our craving for dumplings¬†at Din Tai Fung and enjoyed Chicken Fried Noodles, Chicken Dumplings, Shrimp and Pork Wonton with¬†Spicy Sauce, and Saut√©ed Bok Choy.





We also went out¬†that night¬†for celebratory drinks¬†following Shannon’s last day of finals from the day before. We took an uber to The Ballroom, a bar/pool hall in Fremont. The space featured pool tables, a dance floor complete with a dance cage, and an outdoor patio with a cozy fire pit. If you don’t¬†know already, I hate taking photos in dim lighting on account of the poor quality. So, unfortunately there aren’t any photos to commemorate our first night out together. Although, that might have been for the best since there were many drinks involved…To sum it up, it was a memorable first night about the town.ūüėČ

Summer in Seattle: Day 1


Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Seattle, WA

My friend Diana and I finally made our way to Seattle on Wednesday evening to visit our friend Shannon, who’s currently in grad school at University of Washington. When we arrived at the Seattle-Tacoma airport, our first impression was shaped by the eerily quiet atmosphere especially compared to the incessant chatter and bustling about¬†that characterized¬†LAX. After reuniting with Shannon we headed towards Alki Beach for dinner. We ended up¬†dining outside at Pegasus Pizza, enjoying¬†the Alki Special Pizza, Rosemary Chicken Ravioli,¬†and Greek Salad while basking in the perfect 75¬į weather.






After a thoroughly satisfying dinner, we behaved like the tourists we were and took some scenic photos of the Seattle skyline.¬†From the trees that bordered the highway to the breathtaking sunset illuminating the skyscrapers — Seattle was undeniably¬†gorgeous.¬†It was only my first night, but¬†I knew it wouldn’t take much more¬†to fall in love with¬†this city.